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Highly skilled video and audio professionals will direct your production utilizing in-studio and on location capabilities to achieve the right look, style and fit for your business.

Master control live suite is located directly adjacent to the 27X60' insert stage. The multi-camera and scan converters capabilities allow for live switching. Clearcom systems allows the directors and producers to control the action. Full audio and EDL. Companies can hire our crews or use their own.

The Studio can offer a traditional interview sets, training and instructional shoots with a variety of backdrops and color schemes or be fully customized to meet any situation as it features a White Cyc Wall, a full lighting grid, and a Chroma-key Insert Stage.

Suite includes linear edit capabilities on the fly or in post. This is a multifunctional studio with almost endless possibilities.

Taping shows, conducting interviews or getting that talking head shot are perfect for this stage.

Located in some of the heart of some of the most scenic vistas in the world, The Studio can provide location shooting including single camera ENG Field Acquisition, small multi camera projects and even larger projects involving our production truck capabilities.

Cameras, Steadicam, audio gear, dollies, jibs, crews and much more are available when you work with The Studio, Inc.

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